waterproof makeup: how to get a perfect make-up water resistant

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You want a trick that resists all day, even in summer? Waterproof makeup is right for you here all the tips to make it perfectly?

The waterproof makeup , contrary to what you might think, is not only used when going to the pool or the sea, but is suitable for any occasion that requires a make-up that lasts all day, like a wedding, a hot summer day or an intense workout at the gym. The make-up water resistant in fact, provides a longer life and is therefore ideal for the summer, when foundation and blush are affected in a rather important to the heat, humidity and sweat. Perfect for the summer makeup , the water-resistant make-up is easily obtained with the use of cosmetic and waterproof products specifically designed to resist the ‘ water and ensure a long-lasting .


Waterproof Makeup: Cosmetics waterproof for long-lasting

To realize the basis of a waterproof makeup, opt for a very light product leaves the skin to breathe and is not opaque. Perfect in this case the gel solutions based on aloe vera. In any case, stay on cosmetics not too aggressive and better if opacifiers . The first step after a good hydration is lay the foundation , of course waterproof, which contains also a factor sunscreen . Again, you can opt between a matting product, which allows you to avoid the unpleasant shiny effect, very common during the summer heat. The same goes for blush and eye shadows: products not too opaque



and waterproof. For eye shadows, in particular, were of fair and delicate shades, that even if it were to melt, there would not seem like the panda. A fundamental element for the water-resistant makeup is waterproof mascara : there are all kinds, choose the one that suits you. Only trick: before the official test, experiment at home to ensure it is truly waterproof. For lipsticks , it would be good to avoid too dark colors, better than soft, matt. The ideal is still a gloss transparent, that protects you from burrs and imperfections. If you do not want to buy waterproof products, another method to produce a water-resistant make-up is to spend a bit ‘of thermal water on the face after the make-up , or of the ice cubes. It is a little trick to fix the make-up and thus guarantee him a longer life .


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How to remove waterproof makeup: the advice to remove it to perfection
Although very effective, waterproof makeup has a small disadvantage: it is rather difficult to eliminate. Here are some tips to try to remove it well and with ease.

The make-up removers biphasic : it is precisely the products composed by two parts or phases, an aqueous and an oily. They have separated, but just shake the bottle to mix to make the two parties and thus create an effective solution.


If it’s a particularly intense makeup, you can combine the action of the two-phase product that of cleansing wipes . In place of the cotton , therefore, you will serve the Neutrogena makeup remover to which to pour the product biphasic action even more effective.

If you have a particularly sensitive and delicate skin, you can use other solutions such as the ‘ coconut oil or the’ olive oil : just take a little ‘and massage the affected area for about 40 seconds, so as to allow the makeup to melt more ease. In this way, the biphasic products – or even a normal make-up remover – can act more easily. One caveat: if you have oily skin, avoid the latter solution, in that it could worsen your situation.


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