UV Care Of Sensetive Skin

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Not only the time of the summer, all year round even in winter ultraviolet light is bathed. Especially for sensitive skin stratum corneum is disturbed, this ultraviolet light is powerful enemy. Further skin damage and dry, will be the cause of aging. In skin care to do every morning, please by all means try the UV care habits. With a moisturizing cream and two of the functions of the base ” wrap Day Moisture veil if”, also protects the skin from ultraviolet light at the same time with the moisturizing power of nano ceramide compounding.


Skin moisturizing lack those prone to more stimulus is ultraviolet light.At the time of the care of day-to-day of your skin, firm moisturizing lotion, let’s occasionally give to the pack. Ahead of schedule of “Intensive Care” will help whitening.


Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46


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