Using the correct BB / CC cream for sensitive skin

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Morning, after trimmed the skin with skin care products, take an appropriate amount (small pearl grain position) in the belly of the finger, and spread to three fingers.Next to the ear from the nasolabial fold, three times to the bottom of the ear from the chin stretches across the cheek.


After uniform to adapt to the forehead and eyes, nose streaks nose under, wrap the entire face in the palm of the hand, let soften in uniform.


Take the middle finger a small amount to the part you want to a more cover, please let me rub as put lightly.
Hairline of the face line and hair also is the point of adapt to avoid unevenness.


Finally we wrap the entire cheek with both hands and to fit.


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use the correct powder of sensitive skin


In puff, you take the powder as slid twice so as to draw a circle on the surface.Through the left chin face line, you put the powder as dab in the counter-clockwise until the center of the forehead.


Further takes the same amount of puff, after pressing lightly the forehead and bridge of the nose, you hold down both cheeks. In this case, rather than extend the puff, and Tsukeru as suppress unevenness and, you can cover the ashiness.Finally, in powder that was left over to puff and hold lightly the eyes and mouth.


CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder Soft Honey


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