Sunspots on the face and skin creams and remedies to eliminate them

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when they appear sunspots on the skin, it can happen that you do not manage to eliminate all: usually disappear after a while ‘time, thanks to the use of creams specific, but then may reappear during subsequent exposure to the sun. In addition to avoid exposure to the sun in the above cases or to expose themselves with a protection factor to UV rays very high, one of the most effective methods to prevent or eliminate sun spots is the use of Creams or lotions lightening specific, prescribed by an expert. Fundamental fact, consulting a dermatologist who can advise the best solution according to your specific case. In addition to these lighter remedies, there are also dermatological treatments most important, however, that it would be good to avoid in the summer, and of course, always and only on expert consultation: by cryotherapy to peeling of depigmentation, until the laser and pulsed light in order to block the production of melanin.


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Sunspots: how to prevent them?


It would be good idea, especially if you have had spots on the skin and the face , avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day, or cover the areas affected by the stains with a patch . Exposure to the sun with a high UV protection cream , avoiding the hottest hours, is already a good antidote to the occurrence of sunspots, but be sure not to be part of one of the groups described above, they see hormonal changes during , inflammation in the epidermis level, or taking medications and supplements photosensitizers. in these cases, you should completely avoid exposure to the sun or to consult a dermatologist to know the precautions to be taken to avert the danger sunspots.


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