strawberry blonde hair color: summer is strawberry blonde

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Rachel McAdams some time ago decided to give a twist to his light blond and opt for an intense strawberry blonde

strawberry blonde hair color: the trend of summer 2016

Halfway between blond and red, strawberry blonde hair color is quite unique: very few are indeed fortunate to be born with natural hair between gold and ginger; The strawberry blonde color, or strawberry blonde , whatever you want, is more intense than the first and less burning of the second, creating a truly rare nuance and detail.

And there is no doubt that will be the big color trend for summer 2016 , a very good reason if you want to change the head and choose to vote for you at the strawberry blonde.

Instead you want to crazy colors? Take a look at the color gold rose , the rainbow hues and blue denim .


Henna Maiden STRAWBERRY BLONDE Hair Color


Hair color strawberry blonde, who is right?

Unfortunately, the strawberry blond color is not difficult, more. It is actually a shade very hot and it takes a moment to turn a bright strawberry blonde in an orange cast to bad hair bleached. This is not a dull color, but even a neon color: hit the right shade is really very difficult.

The strawberry blonde is the right color for those who are tired of the usual ash blond, a bit ‘off, and wants to give a boost of vitality to the hair, but be careful because it will be difficult to eliminate entirely the copper shades to reconvert to a platinum blonde. Also apt choice for brunettes with natural red highlights that want a light color and illuminate the face.

The strawberry blond color gives to those who have an undertone of very hot skin , with many golden tones, but at the same time, the skin should be clear or very clear . The top if in addition you have blue or green eyes : Take inspiration from celebrity in our gallery!


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