ingrown hairs: the most effective remedies to remove them

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Nightmare ingrown hairs? Unfortunately it is a problem that affects many women, especially in the groin area and legs, mainly due to various waxing and other hair removal methods. Below we propose the most effective remedies to eliminate them

ingrown hairs: the main causes

The problem of ingrown hair covers most of the women who have to do with waxing and other hair removal methods It is, in essence, of hairs growing under the skin because, finding an obstruction, such as a clogged pore,can not leak out on the surface layer of the epidermis, remaining below. Besides being particularly annoying, ingrown hairs, which grow mainly in the groin and pubic areas, can lead to the formation of rich sebum pimples or true cysts. In some cases, the problem can result in an infection, the folliculitis.


Ingrown hairs on the groin? Here’s how to avoid them


As mentioned above, the growth of ingrown hairs mainly concerns the areas of ‘ groin and pubis ; This is because one of the main causes of their formation is determined by the use of tight clothing that leave the skin to breathe. But then, how do you try to limit as much as possible the growth of hairs under the skin? Good hygiene and regular use of scrubs or scrub undoubtedly help to prepare the skin for the best hair removal done well, the first step avoid ingrown hairs, redness and folliculitis . Secondly you need to choose the right hair removal methods: You should in fact, avoid razor or electric epilator, especially on delicate areas such as the groin, as it is more likely to create occlusions and obstruction of the pores; in fact better opt for cold depilatory strips, the classic hot wax or, better yet, the Arab waxing, decidedly more delicate. Even the use of creams and other cosmetic comedogenic and can contribute to the formation of this type of problem.


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