How to look younger with makeup: all the secrets for a perfect make-up anti-age

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Illuminate strategic points and not go overboard with too opaque products: these are the two basic rules to look younger with makeup. Discover other secrets for a perfect make-up anti-aging!

You know that little strategic moves to make-up can allow you to show off a younger and fresher look? Yes, that’s right, no botox or invasive interventions; brushes, enlightening and correctors , if used wisely, can do a lot. Here then is a series of secrets to look younger with makeup . The main rule for any successful anti-aging aspect is to illuminate the strategic points of the face: small touches of light scattered here and there that open and bigger, helping to demonstrate even tens years earlier. But where to act? It’s very simple! Choose a good enlightening and apply it in the following areas: between the eyebrows , in the inside of the eye, in the hollow of the eyelid , in the lip area and nasogeniani furrows , those that descend from the nose to the lips.


To avoid having a little youthful appearance, you need to apply it in small touches and do not overdo it. Nothing heavy texture and too charged: one of the main anti-aging tricks in fact, is to limit the thickness to give an appearance of transparency and lightness. Therefore, choose a light product that is put forth with ease; remember, to apply it, matches the center of the face and then roll it out to the ends. Avoid foundation powder, which emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, and as you prefer instead fluid foundations that unify the skin making it more compact and toned. Council : because the foundation appears even lighter and not overly cover – which, as we have seen , it tends to grow old – you can mix it with a light concealer or illuminating real, acting as always at strategic points that we have listed above you.
Another aspect to consider is represented by the eyebrows , that with age, tend to become lighter and less dense, making it look less intense and penetrating. To overcome this problem, you can safely redesign their line with the same color pencil.


And now we come to eye shadow and mascara : choose matte eye shadows and silky and avoid glitter or shining that having a consistency less compact, tend to emphasize small folds and wrinkles flow around the eye, while the mascara, were in shades of brown , warmer and black sweets, which tends to excessively harden. Excellent blush on the cheekbones: better a rosy complexion, much younger than the bronze or orange tones. and lip gloss and lipsticks ? No limitations! Remember though, that to have a more youthful look is preferable to keep on nuance clearer and brighter, avoiding shades too loaded and marked.


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