How to choose the anti-wrinkle cream?

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Choose the right cream for your skin type

Do you have dry skin : dry skin is characterised by fragility of the superficial layer. It will tend, therefore, to thin and easily irritated.
This type of skin needs: a wrinkle cream , which should preferably contain solar Fitri as those included in creams for the sun and also the anti-free radical fighting against oxidising effects of the sun on the skin.
avoid: exfoliating products with substances that can irritate dry skin.


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Do you have oily skin : oily skin is characterised by excess sebum appearing, so oily or shiny. Oily skin therefore needs a cream that fights against the loss of elasticity and reduces the appearance of fat and shiny. The anti-wrinkle creams for oily skin should protect your skin from factors that accelerate aging, like the sun. Must contain sunscreens and anti-free radicals that Lottino against the oxidizing effects of the sun on the skin. Avoid: applying the cream anti-wrinkle for oily skin around the eye area.


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You have the combination skin : combination skin is characterised by the presence of oily areas, especially in the median area of the face and some dry areas. Combination skin can then have a tendency to get irritated easily. Since the facial skin is for the most part dry, the mixed skin should be protected with an anti-aging cream with the same choice of creams criteria for dry skin.
This type of skin bears bad external aggressions due to cold, lack of moisture in the air, to water hot, with harsh soaps …
the wrinkle cream for combination skin should contain sunscreens and anti-free radicals.
to avoid: products with exfoliating substances.

The right advice
Opt for an antioxidant cream with the morning sun filters, to protect you from UV, pollution, smoke … and apply a wrinkle cream in the evening.
Toggle the type of products used every six months. A good daily hygiene For effective results, you have to accompany the anti-wrinkle creams with a good daily hygiene and good habits: cleansed well in the morning and at night, protect your skin from the sun, favors a healthy balanced diet through regular consumption of fruits, vegetables and olive oil, foods rich in properties antioxidants .


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