Hair Removal Depilatory Cream

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Fast, much less expensive than laser hair removal less painful than waxing and more durable razor, depilatory cream is a good compromise between all existing methods

Contrary to waxing, both cold and hot , the hair removal cream does not tear the hairs by the root, but dissolves them in a few minutes thanks to salts derived from the sulfur (the thioglycolic acid salts) that attack the keratin , the substance that surrounds the sleeping.

how to use it


Apply the cream to the dry skin to remove the hair in the area, and wait a few minutes, as indicated on the instructions, to make sure that the cream acts. After the application rinse thoroughly. Caution: If the duration of application depending on the part of the body is not respected, the skin can ‘ “Burn.”
After waxing do not forget to moisturize the skin and  with a good cream . Do not use aggressive products containing alcohol.


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Depilatory cream: pros and cons


The depilatory effect is therefore about 10 days longer than that of the razor. But the regrowth of hair is markedly more rapid than with waxing or with the electrical hair removal .
The depilatory cream can be quite aggressive to the skin, for this is not an appropriate method for the most sensitive part, including the ‘ groin and the armpits.


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Depilation of private parts: the depilatory cream and alternatives

As we said earlier, the depilatory creams are quite aggressive, as they have a high pH, which could cause problems and irritation to the skin, especially in the most sensitive parts. It is for this reason that, for example, in an area such as the groin are recommended other types of hair removal, including depilatory strips, the Brailian waxing or pulsed light hair removal or I defined laser . The type you choose will obviously depend on tastes, needs and personal considerations.

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