Hair products: cleansing conditioner

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Products for hair, arrive cleanser conditioner: it can wash your hair with the conditioner?

If you think that washing your hair with conditioner is simple madness or utopia, depending on your point of view, you know that for quite some time there is the technical wash.What is? It is a very simple and inexpensive method and is very successful among the DIY passionate, green products and green philosophy. The cowash is to apply a generous amount of balm – natural as possible, ie without silicones substantially, otherwise you lose the concept “green” behind – damp hair, massaging for a few minutes and then rinsed . For more effective cleaning action often combines massage with sugar: the grains will eliminate most dirt effectively and will play a gentle exfoliating action on the scalp.



Hair products: all you need to know about cleanser conditioner

The cowash process has however some disadvantages, or at least is not for everyone: first of all it is not so easy to go in search of the right product: not all conditioners are equal and not all give the same results in terms of cleanliness. Also, not all are devoted to the philosophy of DIY and EcoBio in more integral sense.

The cosmetic companies have noticed this trend and have started to develop a product that never had seen before on the market. It is undeniable the trend to go to most natural products using active plant, eliminating all those “empty” when not harmful ingredients, brands still continue to use the best biotechnology, through ever purer and effective formulations.

This is because the number of staff to 100% at times does not give the results that consumers expect, both in level of effectiveness that texture. For this reason in the last few months it has been put on the market an innovative and revolutionary product.

It has gone from trendy no-poo ones used to create a product that could wash your hair without the need to shampoo. We are talking of cleansing conditioner , namely the “detergents balms”. These are products for the treatment of hair, just like the classic balm: rich who are active regenerate, rebalance and repair the hair and scalp. And wash: no harsh surfactants, do not alter the hydrolipidic film and not ruin your hair, but only bring positive elements.



Are not many brands that have focused on this product: Cleansing Conditioner Grow Gorgeous , an intensive treatment at 360 ° that brings to life the very dry and damaged hair; HIF is your hair as delicate fabrics, for that invented 15 different cleansing conditioner depending on the specific needs of each hair type, from all’antiaging detox; the last greedy launch home- Alfaparf Milano regards Fig & Walnut line for hair stressed and experiencing our bad habits; Matrix then a whole range of cleansing conditioner of Biolage line with natural extracts. Among other professional lines Kérastase has a specific cleansing conditioner for curly hair, while L’Oréal Professionel tip on a cleasing conditioner in reparative effect of damaged hair.

Hair products: the advantages of cleansing conditioner and for those who are suitable

  • for those who always in a hurry and want to reduce the steps to a minimum
  • for those who want fresh and clean hair every day: the beauty of the cleansing conditioner is that it can be used every day without the risk of ruining your hair
  • for those with dry and damaged hair
  • for those with oily hair to rebound
  • for those with frizzy hair
  • for those who do sports
  • for those who want to travel light

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