Hair color: the tricks to dye alone

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You do not have time to go to the hairdresser? Put sunglasses on hair color is not difficult! Follow these tips to renew your hair like a pro.


Hair color: Blonde or brunette?

To choose the hair color that looks best to you , consider the tone of your skin. A good method is to see if you are better than the gold jewelry or silver; if gold goes well with your skin color to choose hot hair as blond, copper or brown. If you wear a lot of silver, opt for cool tones like ash and green.

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Also consider your natural color. If you have blacks or brown hair, before applying the dye you will need to discolour. Do not try to become immediately : the fraying lightening your hair, and you risk to ruin your hair. Lighten gradually over months, applying  to keep hair soft and healthy.

Hair color: Everything you need

Are you ready to put your hair color, but you’re afraid to get dirty everywhere? If you do not have a friend available to help, choose products in cream or mousse , easier to apply.Always wear plastic gloves and cover your good clothes with a towel that you’re not afraid to ruin. Keep on hand even hairpins.

Do not be afraid to use too much dye. If you have hair too long, a product package might not be enough. The color for excess hair can be mixed with balm, you will use at the time of the shower: a mix to revive the color every week, especially useful if you use bright tones and semi-permanent dyes.

Hair color: Safety First!

When you apply the color to hair, pay attention: being a chemical, it can cause irritation and damage to the skin. Protect the hairline with a cream, and always checks the timer to avoid keeping the tint too long. 30 minutes is the ideal duration.



If you prefer more natural products, try the ‘ henna . It is a natural color that you buy in herbal medicine, with shades ranging from red to black.

post-maintenance color

The color hair tends to dry the hair. Use a mask or the argan oil to give new softness to your hair.

It uses a special shampoo for colored hair to prevent your tint lose brilliance.



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