Hair at the top: the new smart and hi-tech

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perfect hair: the new solutions we simplify life

After speaking of the new for 2016 with regard to cuts and hair colors , let us dedicate ourselves now for the latest generation of hair products that give outstanding results thanks to a large technological research, no need to settle or compromise.

The cleansing no shampoo

The harsh surfactants do very badly in hair and skin, making them brittle and matt. On the other hand, you need a product that leaves the well cleaned hair and the natural method of cowash can be a little ‘uncomfortable and not always effective. The solution comes to us from the brand new cleanser – conditioner, the balms detergents that clean in every way as a shampoo, but without aggressive surfactants. In this way, the hair is clean without drying out or shed fibers, making it shiny and domabile. These innovations come from brand Grow Gorgeous , with his Cleansing Conditioner and Hair HIF is Fabric , with its range of 15 balms special detergents in case. Our favorite? Intensive detox , with a rejuvenating effect refreshing and a complex of bio active fortifying.


Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner


The smoothing of the brush revolution

You often hear about smoothing brushes, but not all give the desired results and in some cases even threatens to ruin the hair. The innovation of Dafni slicker brush uses ceramic that covers all the teeth of the brush, to protect hair from heat. A revolution for the world of the fold, created by a under 30 awarded by Forbes , which allows to obtain a perfectly smooth folds in just one step, simply by brushing the hair. The ceramic three-dimensional surface maintains the constant and controlled heat up to 180 ° max. The ends of the teeth is not heated, which allows support for the brush also to the skin without the risk of burning.


Detangling Brush – Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb or Brush


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