Creams for sunburn, help for the skin

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Sun exposure if done with care not damage the skin indeed, the sun ensures a certain amount of vitamin D needed to maintain healthy bones and the whole body for the winter.Unfortunately, many times they are undervalued if not entirely ignored some of the main rules to follow to limit the damage caused by exposure to sunlight.

Sun exposure is good but only if properly protected because the risk and consequences of sunburn is very high. Whether it belongs to a skin type I and II, is that the skin is less prone to sunburn, the protection factor must be chosen with care, we do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours (from 12 to 16) and cream solar should be applied several times and at least every 2 hours and after each bath.

Despite the precautions, it can happen, however, to burn in the sun and then we must take action as soon as possible with the creams for sunburn , soothing and anti-redness to soothe the discomfort. Here are some creams suitable in case of sunburn.


Aloe Vera Dry Skin Cream – Best Remedy Skin Repair Cream


Bepanthenol spray foam , thanks to the physical properties gives a feeling of freshness and keeps the skin moisturized long burned or scalded by the sun, as well as giving an immediate calming effect on damaged skin. It contains panthenol and skin lipids that moisturize the skin and enhances the healing process.

Arga SOS Pure Oil Gel is a gel ready intervention against redness and cracking with argan oil and shea butter. The mixture of Pure Argan Oil and Shea Butter is excellent to soothe and delicately scented.

Aloe Vera Gel Pure  anti inflammatory action makes it suitable to soothe sunburn.

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