CLAIRIAL Serum, help to tan without spots

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Sun, sea, summer Ready to spend the warmer months lying back like lizards on the beach?
All dream of the perfect tan, but the dream can turn into a nightmare if the tan is uneven: brown spots, rashes and excessive pigmentation can ruin your complexion, giving you an unpleasant speckled effect. The spots on the face , in particular, are likely to make you appear older.

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How to avoid these annoying problems? First follow our valuable tips, soaking up gradually and with the help of a sunscreen. To ensure a flawless complexion, then, it is essential to use a special product that encourages even tan all over the body.
Laboratoire SVR specializes in anti-aging products and specific to eliminate facial dark spots. We want to talk today of  CLAIRIAL Serum , their latest product of CLAIRIAL line.


SVR CLAIRIAL Serum For All Of Skin Types


Two in one

CLAIRIAL Serum is a creamy serum useful for eliminating dark spots on the skin. Combines action depigmenting to an illuminating effect for glowing skin tones and consistent .
The cream is very soft and silky on the skin, and does not have the effect of “sticky” typical of many similar products. It can be applied in two different ways: after tanning, to eliminate dark spots on the skin, or before heading out to promote tanning.
The package has a convenient applicator style dropper , which helps to apply the product in the right quantity avoiding that the cream ends everywhere. Convenient and compact, can be placed safely in the bag along with your sunscreen.

Face serum for all

Being free of allergens, parabens, mineral oil and lanolin, CLAIRIAL Serum is also suitable for the most sensitive complexions. Ideal for all skin types , contains vitamin C and hyaluronic acid and is an indispensable product for your summer; early studies indicate efficacy around 77%. He can be found in the Amazon . Pair it with a good sunscreen for flawless tan!

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