Bye bye cellulite remedies and effective treatments to combat it

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Needless to hide it: among the most annoying blemishes and hated by us women, cellulite is definitely the first place!

If you also find yourself watching the mirror with the distraught air merciless tracks that cellulite has left on your body, do not despair: there are a number of targeted treatments that can help us solve the problem, allowing you to show off a toned body and form!

What is cellulite: the causes

Like all enemies, however, to defeat cellulite must first meet you, to know therefore is and what may be due. Perhaps you did not know, but cellulite is formed in the moment in which the connective tissue is inflamed and can be considered a real disease.

The underlying causes are of different types: hormonal, first of all, but also related to special conditions such as pregnancy. We should not forget that poor nutrition in general or one lifestyle unhealthy can contribute substantially to the hated cellulite.

Cellulite on legs and belly: what to do

The first step to solving the problem is to hire an expert who can assess the extent of the imperfection: through touch can in fact determine whether the test socket area is cold and if the fabric is well hydrated and therefore ready to absorb any cosmetic products chosen for the treatment.

The next step is then to us indicate the anti-cellulite treatment that is most suitable for our needs; also the amount of sessions can vary depending of the cases and stages .



Remedies and treatments for skin at the top

With years of experience in the industry, among other treatments that I can recommend to defeat cellulite there are those that rely on the use of specific equipment such as the Icoone : through technology Roboderm fact this treatment uses the benefits of motorized rollers able to perform on the skin of the micro stimulations very effective.

Also the radio frequency may be helpful: in this case the principle on which the processing is based is the controlled heat diffusion and localized.

And yet I can suggest the pressure therapy that involves the use of a machine equipped with leggings that inflate and deflate so generating a massage from the feet up to the breast, also able to improve lymphatic circulation.


Thera Cane Messanger


If you prefer to choose treatments that do not require the use of machinery, a good solution would be to enjoy the sessions abdominal massage or a massage that is used to distend the abdomen while reducing edema responsible for the formation of cellulite.

Of course, the use of targeted cosmetic can be of great help: the important thing is us advice from an expert creams most suitable and then remember to use it with perseverance !

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