Body beauty treatments: the summer trend

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Body beauty treatments: Operation Summer

Although more slowly than expected, summer is approaching inexorably and the countdown for getting back into shape has officially begun.

It’s time to get busy and run for cover if you do not want to arrive unprepared at the time to wear shorts and light dresses.

Say goodbye to dark winter skin and get ready to fight against cellulite with beauty treatments most appropriate body.


The international platform of beauty treatments ,  selected all the essential step to prepare for the arrival of summer in the best way, in the form and with a skin on top.

Body beauty treatments: the necessary steps and beauty trends for summer


According to the analysis of requests, the ‘ hair removal groin is in first place between bookings (23.5%), followed by the demand for hair removal legs (18%) and in last place is the waxing treatment complete (10.1%). Expert advice of the Body and Soul Salon is to use the normal traditional wax on the legs and arms, but what about the face and private parts would be more indicated the brazilian wax or sugar paste, far more delicate-proof irritations.

This instead the advice of the salon La Fenice – The Renaissance of Wellness “to depilatory treatments to be effective, we always recommend to make a light scrub before epilation and to avoid the use of products that can irritate the skin after treatment, such as perfumes, cleansers and creams, which contain chemicals and / or irritants. ”


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Are you curious to try the Brazilian wax? The salon Vanity explains what it is: “once proven they can not do without it. it has a very low melting point, practically at body temperature, does not create any kind of irritation, it is much less painful and unable to eliminate even the shortest hairs “.


With anti-cellulite treatments it takes perseverance; for this reason, it would be better to carry out the treatment 2 or 3 times a week. Provisions should be made for a maintenance throughout the year. It is also useful to maintain the effects of the treatment, conduct ongoing sessions throughout the year, about once every 10 days.

But the perfect shape is the result of many factors combined, here are the tips of beauty expert

Power control : a little salt, drink a lot, low sugar, and avoid saturated fats

Movement and physical activity : just walk for half an hour every day

Specific beauty treatments : the great lymphatic drainage Vodder method, to improve circulation and fight edema.


The experts of the Salon Estetica Montenero advise you to make the scrub regularly , “we suggest to undergo a scrub session 1 or 2 times every 60 days and do not expose yourself to direct sun during the hours after treatment because the skin is more sensitive and risk is that of a burden on the epidermal regeneration process that is triggered by scrub “.


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