body and facial treatments: the boom of beauty device

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body and facial treatments: the SPA DIY

It really is a golden moment for beauty device , so that, according to the figures, it is a real boom in the industry. The so-called beauty electronic devices in the past year have multiplied, offering performances similar to professional treatments . Explaining the reasons for success is simple: are effective and give concrete results, they are comfortable and practical, are a nice cost savings in relation to the costs of an institution and, if they are chosen quality products are completely safe.

A smooth and firm skin is the dream of every woman and, if the body treatments and facials in the spa or institution have a break to relax and unparalleled wellness, it is undeniable that the convenience of being able to access treatments at home is something that hardly you would want to give up. Is it not a dream being able to give all the pampering SPA whenever you want without having to resort to a professional?



In fact, the market data confirm this: for years the beauty device have a very strong business in Asia, but are enjoying increasing success in Europe and North America, since it becomes more and more pressing the problem of premature aging of the skin due to stress and pollution; consequently, there has been an increasing attention towards the beauty, closely related to the welfare and health.

body and facial treatments: the beauty device for you to enjoy


The beauty device has been triggered by the entry of the industry’s leading brand market and focused on specific beauty devices to a body part . We are of course talking about the famous Clarisonic , with his brush for cleaning the face , has contributed to a surge in the sector; In fact, in recent months have increased the specific device for the treatment of facial skin. This is for instance the Clinique with  Sonic System Purifying Cleasing Brush , Philips with VisaPure ,Collistar with  Perfect Face Sonic System by Imetec .


Best Facial and Body Cleansing Brush


From facial cleansing it is then used to ‘ oral hygiene and all’ eye care : this is the idea of Foreo that, by the cleaning system of the facial Luna which also promises an anti aging treatment, has created highly innovative solutions with the full treatment oral hygiene and care around the eyes with Iris, a masseur for the areas around the eyes with anti aging action.

As for the pedicure, the real revolution in the sector has arrived to thanks to Velvet Soft of Scholl, a roll for convenient and quick pedicure that gives professional results.

The bodycare saw the arrival of several new for this spring: IncaRose has introduced the system Perfect Body that, at a very competitive price (€ 88 launch price), you have at home all the benefits of infrared massage, excellent for cellulite treatment   and matched to favorite cosmetic product . Clarisonic, with the new Smart Profile , has combined in a single device facial care and body, allowing you to mount the head for the massage and cleansing the body without having to purchase a separate device.

But the news more “full-bodied” and interesting coming from the line Reveal the Remington had been launched before the brush for cleaning the face, but now the range is enriched for the spring of all the devices needed to take care of female beauty (and not) to 360 °.Positioning is very competitive compared to competitors, considering that the various devices are of absolutely affordable and a complete set for each of the devices. Among the novelties there is the spring brush for the Body, convenient, handy and toilet, you can make a deep cleansing, scrub and massage thanks to the two different heads already supplied for use on wet or dry skin; Perfect Pedi , an electric roll for pedicure with two heads with different grain; the Precision Trimmer to finish the most of the most delicate areas of the face and eyebrows and the that showcases bend your eyelashes gently thanks to the action of heat without damaging them.


Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women, with Pivoting Head and Eyebrow Trimmer


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