best sunscreen spray : the top products for this summer

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Best sunscreen spray: the super practical sun protection

It is undeniable that the sunscreen in recent years has undergone a real revolution: from the white and pasty texture with an intense smell often unpleasant, we moved on outstanding amounts always lighter, transparent and pleasant unprecedented in cosmetics.


The credit goes certainly to the increasing awareness of the importance of sun protection and the need to have products that  use, making it more practical, quick and discreet.

No more white marks, greasy residues and sticky textures so: the sublimation arrived without a doubt with the advent of spray sunscreen . It is sunscreen sprayed protecting a mist that spreads to 360 °, making the ‘ fast application and super practical. Of milks with moisturizing texture and comfortable to completely invisible and transparent protections to anti sand effect . You can forget that unpleasant feeling to look like schnitzel, with sand stuck to old-generation sunscreen!

Of course the spray sunscreen might be better suited for the body,  good for him and for outdoor sports, while it is best to choose a specific protection for the face.  Here you will find those in medium security and those here in high protection , while in this article found in sunscreens for children.

Best sunscreen spray: the best products for all needs

Almost every brand has its own sunscreen spray . Among the options we selected from perfumery Soleil Bronzer Bronze Lait Brume with SPF50 by Lancôme ; the same texture then sprayed milk characterizes the Spray Solaire Lait Fluide of Clarins. If you prefer a medium protection, try the  Sun SPF 25 Body Spray by Clinique.


Art Naturals® SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Spray


Among the brand specialized in products for the tan, we chose the line  CoCoa® of Chrissie New York the Suncare Spray Fluid with SPF30, water resistant with antioxidant and anti-aging, with natural mineral screens and  Satin Protection in continuous spray format of Hawaiian Tropic , available in SPF15 and SPF30 protection.

Among the most popular sunscreens pharmacy we find the Spray SPF50 + for sensitive skin of Avène , water resistant, with broad-spectrum protection and photostable.Impalpable and completely transparent texture the Invisible Spray Ultra Light Anthelios XL SPF50 + of La Roche Posay . Available in all protective factors is then the Sun Spray System of Rilastil that guarantees rapid absorption and anti-aging effect.

Finally, there are the options low cost: between the solar supermarket are spray Protect & Refresh Continued Dissemination of Nivea Sun with SPF20 or SPF30 protection and the ‘Invisible Sun Spray SPF50 even with protective Bilboa

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