anti aging treatment for the hair: the best solutions for a flowing hair

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Anti aging treatment, the hair also grow old

It may seem strange, but also the hair over our faces feel the passage of time and, through the years, more and more visible signs of hair no longer young: the hair becomes sparse and thin , have less volume , they grow less quickly and lose brightness .

How we take care of our facial skin with anti-aging treatments specifically, it is also necessary to also run shelters regarding our hair to try to bring them back to their original splendor.


The causes of aging of the hair are numerous, including the main we include the hormonal changes and the continued exposure to oxidative stress given from the elements, pollution in the first place, but also excessive heat of the plate and dryer, washing and aggressive treatments that in the long run more and more weaken the hair.

But let’s see what are the products and the best anti-aging treatments to prevent premature aging of the hair.

Anti-aging Hair Treatment: products not to be missed

As you can see, here we go specifically. It seems trivial, but cleansing is the most delicate and important moment . Wash your hair too frequently, perhaps with aggressive surfactants, thins and gradually weakens the hair shaft. On the other hand, there is the need to eliminate smog and toxins , also because in the long run ruin the hair.

The solution comes from the most innovative products and niche employing the latest cutting-edge technologies to create not just shampoo, but not aggressive cleaning agents, without surfactants that remove contaminants from the hair gently and are also perfect for everyday use. Do you want some names?


Undoubtedly the line Davines DEDE , the range of products in collaboration with the Slow Food Foundation. A light formulation suitable for everyday use suitable for all hair types, even the most stressed. Red Celery contains , a strong mineralizing action.

From the brand niche Hair Fabric is  arrive detergent-conditioning, “cleansing conditioner” 2in1, including the specific anti aging treatment Anti-aging Support.

Then there is a shampoo that has not only the function of detergent, but restructures hair with a thickening and strengthening effect. We are talking of the shampoo Capixyl of Nashi Argan , perfect for a prevention of hair loss treatment. It is formulated with phytostaminali of buddleja and argan oil, in order to rebalance and restore the natural functions of the skin.

Also in invigorating and restructuring action, to prevent the fall and ensure the effectiveness of a voluminous mane and flowing there is the recent launch of Bumble and Bumble , Full Potential , a full line of shampoo, conditioner and booster.

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