6 basic rules of care for dry skin

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Pay attention to the protection of the skin

We all remember that dry skin requires the most careful protection in the winter, because due to lack of lipids, and the thin stratum corneum of the epidermis, it is particularly vulnerable to the cold and wind. However, about the fact that for the same reasons in the summer it requires particularly careful protection from ultraviolet radiation, very often we forget. Meanwhile, its antioxidant capacity is much lower than normal, combined, and the more fat: in the skin sebum contains fatty acids and other components that protect the skin from free radicals and dry skin it is practically devoid of. So that the cream with a high SPF is mandatory from May to September!

Use soft cleansers

In order not to disturb the already thin and weak barrier dry skin, avoid washing with water is too hot and too frequent cleansing – more than twice a day, use of aggressive cleaning agents. If the skin is also sensitive – it is better to abandon the gels for washing based on lauryl and sodium laureth sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate in favor funds with a soft cleaning components such as Miret sodium sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate), cocamidopropyl betaine ( socamidopropyl betaine) or soft surfactants, which are derived from saponifiable fatty acids of natural oils -. cocoa, coconut, etc. at very sensitive dry skin, responsive stimulation on the tap water, the output is to use micellar water or cleansing milk and be sure to end the process of cleansing toning. most importantly, to a part of the tonic was no alcohol!


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Do not overdo with humidification

Despite the fact that a full-fledged dry skin care involves the mandatory use of moisturizers, as shown by numerous studies, the moisture content of the dry (but not dehydrated!) Skin is not less than in normal or oily. A too frequent use of moisturizers can lead to a weakening of its ability to retain moisture. If after 20-30 minutes after application there is an unpleasant feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin, the skin “asks” wetting again – most likely the case in disturbed lipid barrier. In this case, pay attention to the composition of moisturizers.Squeaking Search ingredient components, such as the same ceramides, fatty acids, triglycerides, amino acids, lactic acid, proteins of milk or yogurt: they not only retain moisture in the skin, but also contribute to the restoration of its water-retaining function.

Do not forget about the procedure of deep cleaning of the skin

Dry skin, like any other, needs exfoliation and cleansing mask. But as it is more subtle and gentle, do not overdo it with them and choose the funds in cream or oil-based. A good option for dry skin will become enzyme peeling and mask with fruit acids, primarily breast and almond: the AHA have a very mild effect and at the same time have good moisturizing properties. But glycolic and salicylic acid are mostly for dry skin too hard.


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